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                          Recent News

  Black ducks rescued and relocated from Beebe Lake by
  local residents get acquainted with their new neighbors on
  a nearby farm. (See story below in 2011 news.)

For FHIA Meeting Minutes, please see the Meeting Minutes page.

2014 News:

Forest Home Fall Party, September 20, 2014

Forest Home residents enjoyed a Fall Get-Together and barbecue in the Forest Home park. A thank-you message from Claudia Fuchs, FHIA President, to the residents, sums it up:

"I wanted to say thank you to everybody who made [the get-together] so great: everybody who brought delicious food (you all set the bar very high), everybody who drew in the road, everybody who talked to a neighbor, everybody who contributed to the very high quota of enthusiasm.

"Thanks most of all to Cindy Bowman: all those new aspects of the party - white table cloths, flowers, grills and things to grill on them were not only her civilizing vision but also her doing - and to Bill Arms, who reliably took care of all sorts of administrative details that made our fest possible (like getting the permission to close the road) and unflaggingly scooped ice cream for hours. I really think you know a party is a success when the party-goers are lying down in the road, and they wouldn't have been able to do that without Bill's contribution! And John, grill-meister extraordinaire: thank you! Your food was fabulous and your patience was boundless.

"Special mention to Ramon and his lovely family from Spain, just here for a few months: they came in time to set up and stayed until clean up was done--such a pleasure to meet you all and thank you for all your hard work.

"But cheers to all our neighbors, great cooks and bakers, great conversationalists, great supporters and just great pleasures in general."

Spring Planting, Saturday, June 7, 2014

Forest Home residents gathered in the park for spring planting. A message from Claudia Fuchs (FHIA President) to the residents, describes the event:

"I am bubbling over with delight and excitement. You must go see what a large, determined, enthusiastic group of volunteers did today: we planted something like 37 bushes and shrubs, fertilized them, mulched them, watered them, and protected them with deer fences. Yesterday I worried how much would be left over to do after our time in the garden this morning, and I can now report we did everything we set out to do. And it looks fantastic.

"Gardening in our park today was nothing short of paradise: the weather was perfect, the holes had already been dug, the beautiful plants - chosen by someone who knows what they are doing - appeared to have magically fallen from the sky, along with topsoil and mulch. And the company was stellar. Oh and there was pizza!

"So thank you to everybody who helped, and here is a toast to the person who organized it all: Montana Petersen.

"Do go by and see what you think. I think you will love it."

Other 2014 Events in Forest Home

  • Spring Clean-Up, May 3
  • Historical Walking Tour of Forest Home, led by Bruce Brittain, April 27
  • Spring Potluck, March 21

2013 News:

Forest Home Fall Party, September 14, 2013

Forest Home residents celebrated the community's renovation of the small park in Forest Home, sharing potluck dishes and camaraderie in our park on the banks of Fall Creek.

FHIA August 2013 Update (PDF, 300 K)

FHIA Town Comprehensive Plan Review, 2013 (PDF, 4 MB)

2012 News:

Traffic Calming Updates

Proposed Byway Meadow Fence - July 24, 2012 Meeting at Fence Site

Twelve Forest Home residents met with Cornell's Plantations Director Don Rakow, director of natural areas Todd Bittner, and Cornell VP for community relations Gary Stewart at the fence site to share and discuss the pros and cons of the proposed fence.
Meeting Notes

2012 Preservation Award - presented May 3, 2012

The Forest Home Improvement Association and the Town of Ithaca received a 2012 Preservation Award from Historic Ithaca for the Forest Home Traffic Calming Plan and Phase 1 Implementation. The award was presented on Thursday evening, May 3rd, at Historic Ithaca's annual meeting and awards ceremony at the Finger Lakes Winter Center at 237 South Cayuga Street. Forest Home residents were invited to attend the ceremony.

Town of Ithaca's Proposed Stream Setback Law - Updated May 2012

Following a public hearing about the Town of Ithaca's proposed Stream Setback Law on Monday, April 9, revisions were made to the proposal.

The law seeks to protect the Town's streams and stream banks from pollution, siltation, and erosion by restricting activities nearby. This proposal may be of particular interest to Forest Home residents with properties adjacent to Fall Creek.

You can view a copy of the revised and original versions of the proposed law, with accompanying map and graphics, here:

Spring Clean-Up - Saturday, April 21, 9:00 - 11:00 a.m.

Dedicated community residents met at the Forest Home Chapel and then spread out into the community with trash bags for the annual spring clean-up. Many thanks to those who were able to help out!

Historical Walking Tour of Forest Home - Saturday, March 24, 1:00 - 4:00 p.m.

Community residents gathered at the Plantations' new Brian C. Nevin Welcome Center off Plantations Road for a brief orientation and then embarked on a historical walking tour of Forest Home, led by resident historian Bruce Brittain.

The touring group first proceeded to the Judd Falls Road overpass, passed through the tunnel, up the Jug Handle, down Judd Falls Road, down McIntyre Place, then along Forest Home Drive to the Byway, around the Byway to the downstream bridge, then continued along Forest Home Drive out to the three stone houses. The group then returned to the Forest Home Chapel for light refreshments.

It was a stimulating, invigorating, and educational afternoon!

Update on Cornell's Deer Sterilization Efforts - provided by Bruce Brittain

Cornell's efforts to sterilize deer in Forest Home have ended for the winter. Deer #225 was recaptured and has been re-sterilized. When #225 was initially sterilized back in the spring of 2008, the veterinarian apparently failed to cut the fallopian tube on her left ovary. Although the fallopian tube on her right ovary had been cut, it had apparently reattached itself. This time, the vet removed a long section of tube from both ovaries and guaranteed that she would not get pregnant again. In addition to #225, a yearling doe was darted and sterilized; look for newly minted #313.

Unfortunately, both of these does were pregnant with twins, and the sterilization procedure calls for preserving the lives of any fetuses. So the two deer sterilized this winter will continue to feed, and their (combined) four fawns will continue to feed and breed. Also, the burgeoning deer population to our north will continue to push deer south into Forest Home. Although Cornell has referred to this as being the Maintenance Phase of its deer remediation project, one could perhaps make the argument that it is more like the Slowly Losing Ground Phase.

Regardless, we are very fortunate to be within Cornell's deer sterilization area, and benefit greatly from its efforts. Another attempt at capturing and sterilizing yearlings and untagged does will likely take place this coming fall. We should begin to see reductions in the deer population once some of the older, tagged does begin to die of old age. Let's hope that we can outlast them.

2011 News:

Forest Home Holiday Party - Saturday, December 17, 5:00 - 8:00

The annual Forest Home holiday party was held at the home of Michael Bend and Valerie Hans. Community members gathered to share holiday cheer and food with friends and neighbors. A wonderful time was had by all!

Duck Rescue, Anyone?

Back when the weather was balmy, a small flock of American Black Ducks arrived at the edge of Beebe Lake; they seemed unable to fly and unlikely to survive once the lake freezes over. Thanks to heroic, resourceful, and persistent efforts by community residents and surrounding neighbors, spearheaded by Jim Haldeman, some of the ducks were rescued and relocated. Jim reported back to the community on December 4:

"All, first, I want to thank the many, many people who emailed me and provided very useful information regarding the ducks. I am impressed with how many people showed interest in this adventure. It sure was a learning experience for me.

As you recall, originally there were nine ducks. They are domestic Lake Cayuga ducks. As far as we know, five were killed by cars, leaving four to be rescued. We contacted many people and institutions for assistance in trying to save the remaining ducks. This included Cornell, DEC, farm sanctuary, animal control officer, and the SPCA. In the end, it was private citizens who came through. Some folks loaned equipment while others, a couple who live in Dryden, have given the ducks a home. Sue Scheuring was the key person in actually rescuing two of the three critters. And it was only fitting that her husband should catch the third one, especially since he fell into the smelly green swamp a couple of weeks ago trying to catch one of the ducks.

Today, we were able to catch the third and likely the final one. I last saw the fourth duck in the gorge west of the Thurston Avenue Bridge, hopefully on his way to Cayuga Lake..."

Forest Home Block Party - Saturday, September 24, 2:00 - 5:00

Forest Home residents gathered for a block party on Forest Home Drive between Warren Road and the downstream bridge. Community residents enjoyed music, face painting, potluck dishes, ice cream... and of course, catching up with each other.

Judy's Day: Harvesting History - Sunday, September 18, 1:00 - 5:00

At this year's Judy's Day, a free annual event at the F. R. Newman Arboretum, the focus was on local life in the mid-1800's. Of particular interest to Forest Home residents was a fascinating diorama of what Forest Home might have looked like in the 1860s, created by Plantations intern Travis North. In addition, Town of Ithaca historian Laura Johnson-Kelly was available to explain the history of the Forest Home community.

Forest Home Music Event - Sunday, May 15, 1:00 - 3:00

Forest Home residents performed for friends and neighbors at a community musical event in the Forest Home Chapel. Everyone enjoyed the music, fellowship, and refreshments.

Forest Home History Walk - Sunday, April 17, 1:00 - 3:00

Forest Home historian Bruce Brittain led enthusiastic community residents in a history walk, reprising the tour enjoyed by 30 residents last spring. The tour began on Judd Falls Road, proceeded down McIntyre Place, around the Byway, out Forest Home Drive to Flatrock, and culminated with refreshments at the Forest Home Chapel.

Annual Spring Clean-Up - Saturday, April 11, 9:00 a.m.

Community members met in the Chapel parking lot and fanned out in small groups to pick up trash along the roads and walkways of Forest Home. The annual spring clean-up has been a welcomed neighborhood tradition — a way to keep our hamlet beautiful while communing with nature and communing with neighbors of all ages. The FHIA provided bags and trash tags as well as refreshments.

Sneak Peek (at Birds in Our Yards) - Cornell Lab of Ornithology's YardMap - Saturday, March 26, 1:00 - 3:00

Forest Home resident Rhiannon Crain provided residents with a "Sneak Peek of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology's Newest Citizen Science Project: Wildlife friendliness at the community scale with YardMap." In her talk at the Forest Home Chapel, Rhiannon shared information about the new Lab of O computer program, YardMap; discussed how residents can make their yards more bird-friendly; and spoke about the importance of neighborhoods acting together to create green spaces that extend beyond one yard.

Plantations Welcome Center Open House - February 5, 2:00 - 4:00

The Plantations staff held an open house and tour of the new Brian C. Nevin Welcome Center especially for Forest Home residents, who appreciated the facilities, information, and refreshments!

2010 News:

Traffic Calming - road improvements ongoing in October

After years of discussion and planning, traffic calming improvements commenced with the installation of lighting features, curbs, and speed tables. Residents received regular email updates on construction progress and impending street closings, along with updates on the Traffic Calming page.

Forest Home Annual Meeting - Wednesday, October 20, 7:00

The Forest Home Improvement Association held its annual meeting, electing new officers and updating residents on matters of local interest. Please see the Minutes page for minutes of the Annual Meeting and other FHIA meetings held in 2010.

Forest Home Block Party - Saturday, September 25, 1:00 - 3:00

The Forest Home community held a block party on Forest Home Road between Warren Road and the downstream bridge. Gathering in the blocked-off street with lawn chairs and potluck food, neighbors enjoyed face painting, ice cream, boom box music, and socializing.

Cornell U. Integrated Deer Research and Management Study:
2007 - 2010 Progress Report
- August 2010

The 2010 IDRM Progress Report (PDF, 451K) details deer management methods and outcomes to date. The Forest Home community falls within the sterilization zone, while specific outlying lands have been designated as hunting and control zones.

Blueberry Social - Saturday, August 7, 11:00 - 3:00

The Forest Home community and the Forest Home Chapel hosted a Blueberry Social. Neighbors visited in the shade of a large tent and purchased delicious blueberry treats, ice-cold refreshments, and walking tour packets at a fundraising table as the younger generation created nature-based craft projects and provided live jazz piano music.

Forest Home Traffic Calming - June 24 update

Updates are posted here.

Forest Home Community Music Event - Saturday, May 22, 4:00 pm

Forest Home residents showcased their abundant musical talents for appreciative friends and neighbors at a community musical event held in the Forest Home Chapel, with refreshments following. A good time was had by all!

Spring Clean-Up - Saturday, April 24, 9:00 - 11:00

Forest Home neighbors joined together to pick up refuse, followed by coffee, doughnuts, and conversation at the Forest Home Chapel.

Historical Walking Tour of Forest Home - Sunday, April 18, 1:00 - 3:00

Bruce Brittain led 30 community residents in a historical walking tour through Forest Home on a chilly Sunday afternoon, beginning at the little park on Judd Falls Road just below the Jug Handle, proceeding down McIntyre Place, around the Byway, then out Forest Home Drive, stopping at points of interest along the way. The tour culminated with light refreshments at the Forest Home Chapel.

Forest Home on Facebook! - as of March 24, 2010

Family Math Club - Winter Sundays, 2:00 - 3:30, at Ithaca College

Dani Novak (of Halcyon Hill) is again offering Family Math Club sessions at Ithaca College on most Sundays from 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm. It's a great opportunity to explore how math is all around us!

The Family Math Club meets on the third floor of Williams Hall on the Ithaca College Campus. Meetings are free and open to everyone. Kids aged 8 to 13 have reported enjoying the club. To get there: travel to South Hill on 96B. Turn into the Ithaca College main entrance. Go 3/4 around the circle and then along a straight stretch. Take the first right (a sign here says "admissions"). Williams Hall is the second building on the left. Consult http://ithaca.edu for parking ideas.

Recent Family Math Club activities have included:

  • weaving baskets
  • using Spirographs (actual Spirograph sets from the 1960s! bring yours if you have one!)
  • making dream catchers
  • programming computers to create dazzling designs and games

2009 News:

Forest Home Holiday Party - December 18, 2009

Forest Home residents gathered at the home of Mary Kane Trochim to share potluck dishes and holiday cheer.

FHIA Annual Meeting - October 21, 2009

A new slate of officers was elected at the FHIA Annual Meeting.
(See the Forest Home Officers page.) Meeting minutes are posted on the Meeting Minutes page.

Forest Home Traffic Calming: Phase I

In September 2009, the Town of Ithaca submitted the Forest Home Traffic Calming - Phase I Plan to the New York State Department of Transportation.

See the Forest Home Traffic Calming - Phase I Plan here.

Forest Home Block Party - September 27, 2009

Plenty of food and fun could be found at the Forest Home Block Party in the park and on Forest Home Drive near the downstream bridge. Photos will be posted soon.

FHIA Historic Preservation Working Group

A small but energetic group of Forest Home residents formed a Historic Preservation Working Group in March. The group met six times in the spring and summer, identifying a long list of ideas and activities to support the historic preservation of Forest Home and beginning to tackle some of the tasks. Possible preservation activities fall into the categories of:

  • physical preservation of existing barns, houses, foundations, etc.
  • expanding the historic district
  • researching written and physical history
  • collecting personal and oral histories
  • archiving material, and
  • making information readily accessible.
Karen Westmont led the initial push to form this working group, and Ed Oyer was elected chair at the first meeting. Several chroniclers of Forest Home history have joined the group:

  • Liese Bronfenbrenner, former Forest Home resident and author of Free Hollow to Forest Home (1974)
  • Evan Kopelson
  • , a local architectural conservator, who wrote his 1994 Cornell senior thesis on the archaeological history of Forest Home
  • Bruce Brittain, our resident Forest Home historian, who wrote the Forest Home portion of a chapter on the Town of Ithaca in The Towns of Tompkins County, published by the DeWitt Historical Society (now the History Center) - see the FHIA history section.
The group has assembled a substantial collection of historical documents, interviews, and photos. Some of this material will be posted on the FHIA site over time. For details of the activities of the group, please see the Meeting Minutes page.

History of Forest Home

The History of Forest Home link is now live! Please help us build this area of the FHIA website by sharing anecdotes and photos.

Community Lecture: George Warren - April 26

Bernard "Bud" Stanton made a presentation for Forest Home residents about the life of George Warren (1874-1938), an influential Cornell professor in the agriculture college, a member of the Roosevelt administration, and a long time Forest Home resident. Stanton was a member of Cornell's Department of Agriculture Economics for 39 years and is the author of a biography of Warren published by Cornell University Press in 2007. The talk will be held in the home of Valerie Hans and Michael Bend, 127 Warren Road, where Warren lived from 1907 until his death.

TCAT Proposed Route Changes - March 25, 2009

Current TCAT bus routes can be seen here.

Proposed route changes are explained here.

Many of the routes pass close to Forest Home. Please check the links for details.

Traffic Calming Survey - February 2009

The Forest Home Improvement Association conducted a survey in February 2009 to gauge community support for elements of Phase I Implementation of the Forest Home Traffic Calming Plan.

See survey results and comments here.

In Memoriam:

Long-time Forest Home neighbor Clara Goodman passed away on January 25 at the age of 91. A memorial service was held at the Andrew Dickson White house on July 18. In recognition of Clara Goodman's service to the community as a Supervising Public Health Nurse for over forty years and the organizer of Tompkins County's Certified Home Health Agency, a conference room at the Tompkins County Health Department (55 Brown Road) was dedicated in Ms. Goodman's name on May 8.

A January 27th article on Clara Goodman in the Ithaca Journal describes Ms. Goodman's special contributions to the community, excerpted here:

Clara Goodman, the mother of Tompkins County's long-standing public Home Health Care program and a strong supporter of Meals on Wheels, passed away over the weekend.

Goodman, 91, still lived in Ithaca at the time of her passing, and though she retired in the early 1980s, she continued to lend friends and former colleagues encouragement.

"She never gave up going into homes to help and support families," said Liz Emerson Rude, a former colleague. "She loved people and wanted them as well and as happy as can be, I think."

The groundwork Goodman laid in Ithaca came full circle for her, allowing her to live her final days at home and to take advantage of Meals on Wheels, her niece Margaret Corvini said...

Goodman's career as the public health nurse with the county Health Department spanned 41 years, and during that time she was responsible for getting elderly and disabled medical services into people's homes. The program served about 600 county residents in 2007, Health Department Director Alice Cole said...

"I came to town in 1962 and to me, the face of outpatient care in Tompkins County was basically the face of Clara Goodman," said Judd Kilgore, a doctor who used to work with Goodman. "In my contact with her around the hospital and at county society meetings ... she was always a very pleasant, intelligent, hard working lady who never seemed to lose her cool and always seemed to know the next thing to do in order to get done what needed to be done," Kilgore said.

She was a "really caring and compassionate person who was able to see a need and in her kind of own but quiet and determined way to bring community resources together in a way that would meet those needs," Steve Griffin, executive director of Foodnet, said.

2008 News:

Forest Home Community Lectures at the Forest Home Chapel

November 22, 2008 - Make a Date with a Tree: Dendrochronology and What We Can Learn about the Past from Tree-Rings

Forest Home resident Sturt Manning, professor of Classical Archaeology and the director of the Cornell Tree Ring Laboratory, gave the talk. His presentation explored tree-ring analysis and dating and how it can work both locally and overseas in buildings and at archaeological sites to provide key evidence for dating, and information on past climate. The techniques involved were demonstrated on some old beams salvaged from local houses. The techniques can be used to help homeowners get a better idea of the construction date of an older house.

November 1, 2008 - Pearl Buck's Cornell Years: a lecture, celebration, and reception

On the 70th anniversary of Pearl Buck's Nobel Prize for Literature, the lecture presented an opportunity to celebrate and learn more about the third American and first American woman to win this prestigious prize. Valerie Smith, a historian and expert on Pearl Buck's life, lectured on Pearl Buck's Cornell years: a bridge between her life in China and here in the United States. The lecture included photographic and recorded illustrations from Smith's recent "Buck Footprints Tour" of sites in China where Buck lived, taught and wrote.

March 27, 2008 - Book Talk: American Juries

Forest Home resident and Cornell Law School professor Valerie Hans talked about her recently published book, American Juries: The Verdict. She discussed the O.J. Simpson jury, the so-called litigation crisis, the jury's competence to understand complex scientific information, and many other interesting and timely matters regarding this important institution.

Other Forest Home community events in 2008

December 23, 2008 - Forest Home Holiday Party - at the home of Mary Kane and Bill Trochim

September 14, 2008 - Adventure in the Woods

Children and teens of Forest Home had the opportunity to join a team to traverse a course in the Forest Home woods and the Cornell Plantations in which they solved challenging puzzles and riddles in order to reach their final destination at the "bell" vista in the Plantations. There they built and walked through a labyrinth, enjoyed watermelon and ice cream, and shared tales of their experience.

August 26, 2008 - Piano Recital

Donna Bloom gave an evening piano recital at 118 Judd Falls Rd. for Forest Home neighbors. "Bach, Beethoven and Brahms at the Blooms" offered 45 minutes of music (plus some program notes) as well as an opportunity to visit with neighbors.

August 5, 2008 - Plantations Welcome Center presentation

Representatives from Cornell made a presentation to the Forest Home community about their plans for a new two-story, 6,000 square foot Plantations Welcome Center that will be located adjacent to the Lewis Headquarters Building (the old Forest Home School).

June 14, 2008 - Forest Home Progressive Dinner Party

April 26, 2008 - Spring Clean-Up

April 2008 - Touchdown: The Story of the Cornell Bear - a bear and an author with a Forest Home connection

John Foote (Cornell class of 1974), who with his with Kristin Rupert owns a home on Forest Home Drive, has written Touchdown the Bear, the story behind the real Cornell Big Red bears, who came to campus in 1915, 1916, 1919, and 1939. Touchdown IV was a resident of Forest Home. A website and an article in the Cornell Chronicle provide more information.

Winter Forest Home Newsletter: http://fhia.org/FHN_Feb2008.pdf (1.8 mb PDF file)

In Memoriam:

We are saddened to report that our long-time neighbor John Swan passed away on October 12, 2008 at the age of 90. John lived on Crest Lane with his wife Mary for many years. A Cornell graduate, he worked for the Cooperative Extension Service for over thirty years. He was an enthusiastic and skilled outdoorsman, enjoying hunting, fishing, camping, skiing, golf, and gardening. He was an active member of the community and the Forest Home Chapel. Friends and family shared stories and memories during a memorial service at Forest Home Chapel on November 15th.

It is with great sadness that we announce that Frank Shipe, long term Forest Home resident and treasured neighbor and friend, died on May 20, 2008, at the age of 88. A Professor Emeritus of Food Science Department at Cornell, Frank lived on Forest Home Drive for 60 years and raised his family here. He was an active member of the community. Neighbor Bruce Brittain described him as the "informal guardian of the Upstream Bridge." Many have admired the beautiful pocket of garden that he and his wife Margery, who died last year, maintained on the corner just before the bridge. A memorial service was held at St. Paul's United Methodist Church on May 31st.

2007 News:

The FHIA Annual Meeting was held Thursday, November 29, 7:30 p.m., in the basement of the Forest Home Chapel.

The final report Forest Home's Traffic Calming Committee is now complete.
It has been posted here on the FHIA website for review and comment:

Final Report of Forest Home's Traffic Calming Committee
and comments from the community

Our 2007 Forest Home News to date can be found in recent issues of the
Forest Home Newsletter:

FHN - October 2007 (285K PDF file)
FHN - June 2007 (560K PDF file)


During the Cornell Reunion weekend, June 8 - 10, Forest Home resident and Cornell professor Sturt Manning gave a talk on what tree rings can tell us about past civilizations.

After a several-year hiatus, the Embroidery Club enjoyed a luncheon at the Forest Home Chapel on June 9, thanks to the organizational efforts of Ellen Lane.

Construction is nearing completion on a new home at 31 Fairway Drive.

The community bagged an awesome amount of garlic mustard this spring, and nearly 20 residents helped with the Forest Home Spring Clean-Up in May.


Comings and Goings:

Jennifer Tegan and Warren Allmon of Forest Home Drive are pleased to announce the birth of their daughter, Alexandra Tegan Allmon, born Thursday, March 8.

Shana, Chad and Abigail Proell of 116 Warren Road are moving to Madison, Wisconsin where they will be working at the University of Wisconsin as professors.

In Memoriam:

Our dear neighbor Elizabeth (Lib) Delahanty passed away in March. A memorial service celebrating her life was held on July 21 at the First Unitarian Church of Ithaca.

Margery M. Shipe, our friend and neighbor for nearly sixty years, passed away Friday, August 31, at the age of 86. She kept a garden in front of her house on Forest Home Drive that cheered the community and she was always ready to welcome a neighbor into her kitchen for coffee and baked goods. Her presence will be much missed. A service of remembrance was held on September 3 at St. Paul's United Methodist Church. In lieu of flowers, memorials in Margery's memory may be directed to St. Paul's UMC, 402 N. Aurora St., Ithaca, NY 14850, or the American Cancer Society, 6725 Lyons St., East Syracuse, NY 13057.

2006 News:

Proposed revisions to Cornell's transportation study: Several local neighborhood organizations have worked together to develop proposed revisions to a draft of Cornell's Transportation-focused Generic Environmental Impact Statement (t-GEIS) for Ten-year Transportation Impact Mitigation Strategies (TIMS).
Read the proposed revisions here.

In Memoriam

Our dear neighbor Carl Sundell passed away on December 2, 2006 at the age of 89. A memorial service was held on December 7th at the Forest Home Chapel. Carl had lived in Forest Home since he was a boy, helping his father to build their home at 310 Forest Home Drive from a Sears mail-order design and materials. Years ago Carl put a TV antenna on an old windmill tower on Halcyon Hill, then ran wires from it down to his shop, and from there to many parts of the Forest Home community, in what was perhaps the first cable TV service in Tompkins County. More recently, Carl served as chair of the FHIA Oral History Committee, and organized and collected many oral histories of old and former Forest Home residents. He also revised and printed the Forest Home Directory for a number of years, under the name of "Potterbit Press." He was instrumental in initiating the New York State Scenic Road designation process for Forest Home Drive. Carl was a genuine FH-er, and a colorful character.

Events in Forest Home during 2005:

Annual Meeting: The Forest Home Annual Meeting was held on November 3rd. Read the minutes here.

Looking out for Forest Home community interests:

Opposition to the proposed 10-foot-tall Arboretum deer fence: On April 27th, residents of Forest Home met with Don Rakow, Director of the Cornell Plantations, to discuss a proposed plan for a 10-foot-tall deer fence to surround the 150-acre Newman Arboretum. Strong concern about the plan was expressed by many of the 30 residents in attendance. A committee of concerned residents had prepared and distributed a deer fact sheet and a memo itemizing issues of concern to the Forest Home community and proposed alternatives to the fence, prior to the meeting.

After that initial meeting, the Forest Home Deer Committee members continued to have conversations with the Plantations. The result of these conversations was a plan to work together to find solutions to the Plantations' deer damage problems. They agreed that the Plantations would assemble a committee made up of representatives from the Plantations, the Town of Ithaca, and Forest Home. David Gross, Dani Novak and Darcy Binns were chosen to represent Forest Home. After a lengthy holding pattern during which time the full committee never formed or met, in late October 2005, the proposed deer fence was handed off to the Cornell administration, which is taking a look at deer management issues across the whole campus. The Forest Home community continues to express strong concern about the proposed deer fence.

Traffic Calming:This past spring, our consultant Walter Kulash returned to Ithaca to meet with representatives from various stakeholder groups to discuss and refine the Forest Home traffic calming plan. Out of these meetings came a general acceptance for the concept of traffic calming in Forest Home. Since then, the plan has continued to undergo refinement, and implementation has already begun. John Foote paid for resurfacing his sidewalk above the wall on the "S" curve of Forest Home Drive. The walkway was laid out according to the draft traffic calming plan, and a private contractor constructed it (although some of this has now been torn up by construction work on the barn). The walkway consists of stone dust over crushed stone, and is a prototype for future walkway surfaces in the rest of Forest Home. Efforts this summer also focused on the design of the Warren Road hill, which is scheduled to be rebuilt next year, in general accordance with the Forest Home traffic calming plan. The reconstruction plan calls for the pavement to be narrowed to 18 feet with a concrete gutter and a granite curb on each side. The existing informal path on the eastern (up-bound) side will be upgraded to a 4-foot wide walkway for the full length of the hill, and the grade of Halcyon Hill Road will be reworked to make it less steep near the intersection with Warren Road. We are very pleased that the Town and County are incorporating so many of our suggestions into this project.

Overweight Truck Count:On November 10, volunteers conducted an 11-hour count of overweight trucks passing through Forest Home. Read their report here.

Warren Road clean-up: On April 16th, there was Community Cleaning of Warren Rd.  Pictures
This fall, a group of Forest Home residents picked up litter, did minor regrading, trimmed back bushes, cut up a fallen tree, and left a huge pile of branches for the Town to pick up as part of its annual fall brush collection. Now that the growing season is coming to an end, we hope that this pruning back and general cleaning up will see the walkway through the winter.

Lecture Series:

On Thursday, November 10th, Jon Miller talked about his radio documentary series, "Worlds of Difference: Local Culture in a Global Age," which is airing this fall on public radio stations across the country. Jon played selections from the series and answered questions about life as an international radio producer. For more information about "Worlds of Difference," visit http://homelands.org/worlds or contact Jon at mil@twcny.rr.com.

On Tuesday, March 29, 2005, Lee Miller discussed "Edible and Medicinal Trees," and provided some fascinating history of the Northeastern forests and native peoples. 


There was an Easter Egg Decorating Party  Thursday, March 24, in the Forest Home Chapel basement.  Continuing in the tradition of Mary Swan's annual Easter egg decorating party, all kids big and small were invited to come together in the FH chapel basement to decorate Easter eggs while the superintendent had her conference day (school holiday). 

On Saturday, February 12, 2005 there was a young musicians' concert in memory of Mary Swan, who lived in Forest Home for many years and passed away recently. Many people came and the music was wonderful.

Here is a picture of the young musicians.

Pictures from the closing bridge ceremony in summer 2004.

Forest Home Chapel News:

On Sunday, November 6, there was a Chapel concert to celebrate Forest Home Chapel's new organ, dedicated to the memory of sisters Martha Warren Hertel and Mary Warren Swan, long-time members of both the Chapel and the community. The concert featured organist Dr. William Cowdery, formerly at the Chapel and currently musical director and organist of the First Congregational Church of Ithaca. Bill performed a program of works by Bach, Handel, Mendlessohn, Brahms, Widor and others that showcased the abilities of this fine new organ.

On Sunday, October 23, Dr. Robert Hill returned to Forest Home to Celebrate 90 Years of Forest Home Chapel history. To further commemorate this occasion, a memory quilt documenting 131 Chapel members and friends was hung. For more detailed information on the Chapel's unique history, please contact Elizabeth Mount at elizamount@yahoo.com.