Red fox

Kyllikki Inman passes on the following.

Forest Homers — There is a daytime fox who comes and eats shelled sunflower seeds and drinks from the birdbath in my yard.

Do Not Worry – she’s not rabid, she’s not aggressive at all, but also is not exceedingly frightened of people (she does run away, but not too far away).

She’s a very hungry nursing mother, she has a den of kits somewhere in Forest Home. She runs down the wooded hill from Halcyon Hill, pops out somewhere close to the  upstream bridge on Forest Home Drive and then runs across the bridge and into the Wildflower Garden.
Please be on the lookout for her when you are driving your car, and you don’t have to worry about her, if she is in your yard – she harmless. (If you want her to leave – she runs about 30 or 40 feet away for yelling at her… but wave a coat or a newspaper or something to look scary and she’ll really run away.)
And please watch out if you might see where she has her den of cubs – we don’t want her to abandon them. Don’t worry, she won’t hang out in yards after she’s done nursing…