Moving the Cradit-Moore House, May 2000

After much anticipation, Historic Ithaca begins the move of Forest Home’s historic Cradit-Moore house on Tuesday, May 23 [2000].  The move is from 128 Pleasant Grove Road on Cornell University’s north campus to a lot between 166 and 172 Pleasant Grove Road, approximately three-tenths of a mile north of its original location.  This two-story Greek Revival home, built in 1817, was originally owned by Benjamin Cradit, a local farmer and landowner.  The house had additions made to it, and underwent restoration and remodeling in the late 1930s.  The last private owner was Dr. Norman Moore, the first director of Cornell University’s health care system.  The house was sold to Cornell in 1946.

The new site is part of the original Cradit family farm.  Historic Ithaca is acting as project manager for the relocation.  As part of the plan to preserve the house, Cornell University is underwriting the cost of the location, and has provided the land for the new site under the terms of a 99-year land lease.  Historic Ithaca has agreed to manage both the relocation and sale of the house.

Future plans for the new site include changes to make it similar to the former property, including regrading and plantings.  The house will be sold by Historic Ithaca to a private owner.  Proceeds from the sale will be used to offset costs incurred by construction of a new foundation and landscaping.

The information on this page comes from a press release by Isabelle Johnson, Program Associate at Historic Ithaca on May 16, 2000.  The photograph appeared in the Cornell Chronicle on June 8, 2000 and was taken by Nicola Kountoupes/Cornell University Photography.