Forest Home Historic District

Forest Home Drive. Chapel, #228, and #233. Photo by Bruce Brittain. 1998

In August 1998, the Forest Home Historic District was added to the National Register of Historic Places.  The photo above is one from a set that accompanied the application.  Two paragraphs from the application follow:

“The Forest Home Historic District encompasses 77 properties (66 of which are contributing buildings, four of which are contributing structures [three bridges and a dam], two of which are sites [remains of former grist mills], and five of which are non-contributing buildings) in the historic core of the former mill hamlet of Forest Home.”

“The district’s historic building stock consists primarily of one- to two-story frame dwellings on relatively small, irregularly shaped lots; most are modest, yet finely crafted, vernacular interpretations of popular nineteenth and early twentieth century styles such as the Federal, Greek Revival, Italianate, Queen Anne, Colonial Revival and Bungalow modes. The main thoroughfare of the district, Forest Home Drive, winds along the serpentine course of Fall Creek as it meanders westward before cascading over a falls located within a dramatic gorge, then flows into Beebe Lake just west of the hamlet.”

The boundary of the Forest Home Historic District is shown in the map below.

If you are interested in locating information about individual properties within the Historic District, but do not know an identifying number for the property of interest, follow these instructions.

If you know the USN Number for a building in the Forest Home Historic District, you can find its Building-Structure Inventory Form (aka “Blue Form”) using these lookup instructions.