About the Website

The Forest Home Improvement Association has had a web site maintained by volunteers since 2000. The original site was created by Erika Merschrod. Dani Novak was an important early contributor and many other people have given their time and effort to the site. More recently, Wendy Petti was webmaster from 2005 to 2018.

A new version of the site was released in April 2018. Before it was released an archive of the old site was made.  The archive is at the Internet Archive.  When looking at this archive, please be aware that some of the information was out of date at the time the archive was made.  Much of the material from the old version of the website was migrated to the 2018 version.

In the following years, a wide variety of new material has been contributed by members of Forest Home, past and present.  The site was refreshed in 2022, with a modified format and better support for mobile devices.  Before the site was refreshed another archive was made at the Internet Archive.

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