Map of Forest Home

Aerial photographs

Aerial photo provided by Kucera International Inc. — 38133 Western Parkway Willoughby, OH 44094. Based on when buildings at the east end of Fairway Drive were built, the photo is from between 2001 and 2004.
Aerial Photo of Forest Home (May 13, 2020), by Tom Campanella

Forest Home in USGS Topographical Map

[Note: The map is based on topography captured in 1944, updated and field-checked in 1968/69.  Modifications in purple are based on aerial photographs and other sources from 1976, but were not field-checked.]

This map is the most recent published USGS Topo map that shows building structures. 

Link to higher resolution view

US Topographic map that includes Forest Home
East Ithaca Quadrangle USGS Topographic Map (1969 updated to 1976) – upper left corner, which includes Forest Home

Town of Ithaca 2023 Tax Parcel Map for Forest Home

Link to higher resolution view

2023 Town of Ithaca Tax Map, sections 65, 66. Showing tax parcels in Forest Home

Tompkins County Department of Assessment maintains maps of tax parcels for all municipalities in the county. See

The source for this tax map is the file of maps for the Town of Ithaca. See

Discover GIS Data NY (focused on Forest Home)

Discover GIS Data NY is a map-like resource that lets you look at orthophoto imagery from 2023 and several earlier years, back to 1994. There is a time-slider in the tool kit that lets you see different years. The icon with screwdriver and spanner/wrench reveals the tools; the time-slider icon is a clock face.

See this resource focused on Forest Home.