Meeting with Bill Goodman, Town of Ithaca, December 5

Bill Goodman, Town Supervisor for the Town of Ithaca, has requested this meeting with the Forest Home community on issues related to the Department of Public Works. In particular, he has indicated that the condition of the stretch of Forest Home Drive between Judd Falls Road and McIntyre Place has deteriorated further following the recent snowstorm. The idea of closing that section of road to vehicles has surfaced again.

The meeting will be at the Forest Home Chapel on December 5, 7:30-9pm

This meeting also offers an opportunity for updates and/or discussions on other Public Works issues related to roads and pedestrian sidewalks/walkways.

Tentative agenda items

1. Deteriorating condition and possible closure of Forest Home Drive (FHD) between Judd Falls Road and McIntyre Place.

2. Forest Home Walkway. Updates on short-term plans and scope for planned engineering study.

3. Update on ideas for a fix to protect corner and footpath at the S-bend by 228 FHD.

4. Problems for pedestrians between downstream bridge and Judd Falls Road when it snows.

5. Update on plans for establishing Sidewalk Districts within the Town of Ithaca, including for Forest Home.

The first three items are expected to be on the agenda for the Town of Ithaca’s Public Works Committee meeting on December 18, 9am.

Hoping that everyone managed to stay warm over Thanksgiving.

Caroline Arms (President, FHIA)