Former Forest Home school in guide to historic schools in Tompkins County

A recent newsletter from the History Center announces a guide for a “driving tour” to look at historic schools in Tompkins County. It includes the former Forest Home School at 100 Judd Falls Road. The school, which was built in 1921 and closed in 1964, is now the Lewis Building, used by Cornell Botanic Gardens as an administrative building.


Inspired by this resource, some additions are being made to the FHIA website, to make available various short pieces written by Martha Warren Hertel (1915-2004), who was born in Forest Home and lived here most of her life. One piece she wrote is at School Life as a Fourth Grader about 1925. According to Lucy Hertel Staley, Martha’s daughter, this was written around 1992 at the request of a girl who was in 4th grade and a neighbor of Martha’s on Crest Lane. Thanks go to Lucy for transcribing Martha’s notes and handouts. Find them at More will be added over time.