Ice Cream Social, September 11 — Note the change of plan

Given the spike in asymptomatic Covid-19 cases in Tompkins County and concern about transmissibility of the new variants, we are simplifying the event. It is no longer the usual barbecue, but a simple Ice Cream Social.  We will not be grilling and are not asking residents to contribute side dishes and desserts.

We encourage individuals and families from Forest Home to bring their own beverages to the park — no alcohol, please. Some families may want to bring food to eat themselves. Bring masks and be thoughtful about social distancing.  Come any time after 3pm. Consider bringing chairs.

Starting around 4pm, we (FHIA volunteers who are vaccinated, masked and gloved) will serve ice cream. We will provide bowls, spoons, and napkins.

It’s not necessary to bring anything but yourselves and your appetites, but if you are inclined to bring something to share, we ask that it be finger food that can be picked up easily without any serving utensil and without digging into a deep container. It could be presented on a tray or platter with items separated, preferably individually wrapped.

We will have a supply of masks, hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, and gloves.

You may have noticed that the damp weather has brought out a lot of mosquitoes.  Consider applying your preferred repellent before you come.  And check for ticks afterwards.