FHIA Annual meeting will be on Tues. Oct 24, 2023 at 7pm — Agenda is online

All Forest Home residents are encouraged to attend, either in person at the Forest Home Chapel or via ZOOM. As old-timers know, the annual meeting includes reports from current officers, election of officers for the coming year, and, sometimes, decisions on important issues facing the neighborhood. Rod Howe, Town of Ithaca Supervisor, will provide an update on various issues affecting Forest Home:

  1. Cradit Lane/Pleasant Grove Intersection
  2. RaNic Golf Course
  3. Forest Home Pump Station Upgrade
  4. Vehicle Length
  5. Pedestrian Count on Walkway
  6. Lighting
  7. Joint application through ITCTC for walkway/bike path improvements

The ZOOM link has been distributed to residents by foresthomenews@gmail.com.

See https://www.fhia.org/minutes/ for the Agenda and President’s Report.