Spring Roadside Cleanup – A New Approach

Instead of a roadside cleanup on a particular date in April as in the past, we are proposing an Adopt-A-Street program. The idea is for individuals or families to clean up a section of the neighborhood sometime in April and then keep it clean for the rest of the year. At the bottom of the list of streets are some tasks that do not require physical cleanup. Please volunteer for one of the following tasks by contacting Herb Engman or sending email with the subject line Cleanup Volunteer to foresthomenews@gmail.com. Here’s looking forward to an even cleaner neighborhood!

  1. Warren Road from the entrance feature to Forest Home Drive
  2. Fairway Drive, Crest Lane, and Halcyon Hill
  3. Forest Home Drive between the bridges (FHD 2xx block)
  4. Forest Home Drive from the pedestrian bridge at Flat Rock to Caldwell (FHD 3xx block)
  5. Forest Home Drive from the downstream bridge to the entrance feature near McIntyre Place
  6. Caldwell Road from the upstream bridge up to the first stop sign
  7. Pleasant Grove Road from Forest Home Drive to the entrance feature
  8. Judd Falls Road from Forest Home Drive to the Botanic Gardens headquarters, plus The Byway
  9. McIntyre Place
  10. Holder of the equipment (picker-uppers, bags, gloves – provided by FHIA) where others can pick what they need up and return them later
  11. Keeper of the list – making changes when new adopters come on board
  12. Disposal of bags (Herb Engman has already agreed to pick up and dispose of bags)

If you have questions or suggestions, contact Herb Engman or send email to foresthomenews@gmail.com with the subject line Cleanup Question or Cleanup Suggestion.