Free Hollow to Forest Home

Chapter 1- The Early History of Free Hollow
Chapter 2 – Industry and Commerce in Forest Home
Chapter 3 – Free Hollow to Forest Home


This appendix has been compiled to help the reader identify the houses mentioned
in the text, and to obtain additional information about the houses. The identifying numbers
(a number and an X) refer to similar numbers given in the text. The houses are
listed by street or area (some have drives or walkways to one street, but a house number
on another).

Code: Given in order: identifying number, street number and name, 1973 owners
of the house, past owners (and well known tenants, only) in chronological order, as far
as this information was available. In case of conflicting information, the house owner’s
version was used in most cases. Occupations and relationships, if known, and not already
cited in the text, will be added in parenthesis. The majority of the women, including
those with listed occupations, are home-makers and many are mothers. CU means Cornell, IC Ithaca College.

Mcintyre Place Area

1X — 101 Forest Home Drive

John (Hotel Administration, CU) and Patricia (teacher) Clark, 1972 … Charles  Wilson, 1904; Byron and Georgia Robb, 1914;  Charles (Music, IC) and Suzanne Baye; Frederick (Government, CU) and ShariTeiwes, 1970.

2X — 105 Mcintyre Place

Mark (graduate student, CU) and Judy Ashton, 1972 … Stroud Bush, before 1906; Samuel and Alice Boothroyd, 1921-27; Charles and Nora Chupp, 1927-72.

3X — 109 Mcintyre Place

Calum (Semitics, CU) and Nora Carmichael, 1973 . ..William, Sr. and Ethel McElwee; Robertsons; Mark and Francis Goldstein, 1967; Robert (Astronomy, CU) and Lynne Wagoner, 1970-73.

4X — 108 Mcintyre Place

Maria Barrus (Mrs. Mortier Barrus) … Mortier (Plant Pathology, CU) and Della Barrus, 1910.

5X — 115 Mcintyre Place

Ulric (Psychology, CU) and Arden Neisser, 1967 … Harold and Jessie Ross, 1910.

6X — 116 Mcintyre Place

Urie and Liese (teacher) Bronfenbrenner, 1949 . .. Winfred Enos Ayres, 1907; Benjamin (Manager, CU Coop.) and Abby Sanford, 1916; John and Martha Hertel, 1946.

8X — 117 Mcintyre Place

Helen (secretary, CU) King (Mrs. Asa King) . . Fred instrument maker, CU) and Mrs. Fowler; Asa and Viola D. King, 1916.

Judd Falls Road Area

9X — Former school house, 1921-1956; now office of CU Plantations.

10X — 103 Judd Falls Road

Herbert (Physics, CU) and Ruth (economist) Mahr, 1966 … George and Ruth Wescott, 1938 (tenant 1938-66: Cedric (Allen Wales Adding Machine Co.) and Lemo (Human Development, CU) Rockwood.)

llX — 105 Judd Falls Road

Joel (American History, CU) and Rosemary Silby, 1969 … Earl Northrup; Lewis and Hilda Conta, 1943; Charles Roberts; John (Music, CU) and Hope Kirkpatrick, 1948.

12X — 107 Judd Falls Road

William (advertising) and Norma Griffith, 1972 … Mr. Smith; George and Emma Tailby, 1906; Zelia Tailby Dennis (secretary, CU).

13X — 109 Judd Falls Road

Robert and Sharon Mier (CU graduate students), 1971 … William and Jennie Post, 1904; Laura (secretary, CU) and Louise (home economics teacher) Post.

14X — 111 Judd Falls Road

Dr. Clementi (residence for his children who are CU students) … Mr. and Mrs. William Wescott, 1880; George (automobile agency employee) and Ruth Wescott.

15X — 117 Judd Falls Road

Clarence (died, December 1973) and Adda (teacher) McCurdy, 1916.

16X — 123 Judd Falls Road

Andrew (contractor) and Barbara McElwee, 1949.

17X — 131 Judd Falls Road

Andrew and Barbara McElwee (owner and landlord), 1970 … Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Mitchell, 1915; James E. and Mrs. Rice, 1918; Golden Orlando and Melissa Hall (tenants), 1925; Trevor and Marta Teele, about 1939; Ardella Blandford (personnel specialist, CU) and family, tenants during last years of Teele ownership. Garage, former School House No. 2, built by Cradit.

18X — 137 Judd Falls Road

Robert (librarian, CU) and Judy (English, CU) Moore, 1971 … Cradit family; Calkins; Harts; Jennie Horton, after 1914; James and Polly Bizzell, 1926.

7X — 110 Judd Falls Road

Urie and Liese Bronfenbrenner (owner and landlord), 1966 … Alexander Bronfenbrenner (pathologist) and Callie Champion (practical nurse), 1953-66.

19X — 112 Judd Falls Road

Carl and Richard Washburn (sons of Kenneth and Helen Washburn) … Arnold Mcintyre, 1800, and other members of the Mcintyre and VanNatta families; Mr. and Mrs. William Mitchell (brother of Hugh Mitchell), about 1914; Kenneth and Helen Washburn.

20X-116 Judd Falls Road

Marion Hodges … Kenneth and Wallace Washburn, 1939; (tenants: R. William and Charlotte Shaw to 1958; Gary and Charlotte Nothman; Rudolph (German, CU) and Margaret Nothman to 1958); Wayne (Industrial and Labor Relations, CU), and Marion Hodges, 1958.

21X — 118 Judd Falls Road

Arthur (Geological Sciences, CU) and Donna (musician) Bloom, 1967 … Edward and Fay Guthrie, 1911; John and Camilla Bordie, 1965; Mr. and Mrs. Frank DellaCave, 1965.

22X — 107 Forest Home Drive

Paul (Electrical Engineering, CU) and Mary Lou teacher) McIsaac, 1959 … Herbert Hice and Lucy Whetzel, 1910 (?); Herbert Hice and Bertha Whetzel; Gertrude Whetzel Grover (WHCU commentator) and Barbara Hall (WHCU commentator).

23X — 122 Judd Falls Road or 117 Forest Home Drive

Geoffrey (historian) and Gretel Brunn, 1949 … Alexander and Fannie MacGillivray, 1903; Mr. and Mrs. Wilhelm Boesche, 1912.

24X — 124 Judd Falls Road

Arthur (tree farmer) and Nancy Masterman, 1929 … John Fisher (Weather Bureau).

25X — 119 Forest Home Drive

Daniel (wildlife management, CU) and Edith Thompson,1962 … Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Wheeler, 1914 (?) .

26X — 126 Judd Falls Road

Robert (teacher) and Gail (nurse, Marie Rogers’ daughter) Fiske (owner and landlord), 1968 … Designed and lived in by Helen Binkerd Young … Owners: Lillian A. Belle, 1913; Clarence and Christine Rogers, 1919; Mr. and Mrs. Olney B. Kent (Poultry Husbandry, CU); Lillian A. Belle (again); Riverda and Mrs. Jordan, 1920; Marie Rogers, 1948.

27X — 128 Judd Falls Road

Clara Goodman (public health nurse, daughter of A. and C. Goodman) … Earl and Mrs. Sunderville, 1918; Alpheus and Clara Browning Goodman, 1920.

28X — 132 Judd Falls Road

Richard (Agronomy, CU) and Helen (Chern. AnaL secretary) Arnold, 1968 … Mr. and Mrs. Earl Sunderville, 1939 (?); Col. Edwin and Jean Sunderville.

29X — 136 Judd Falls Road

John Youell (insurance) and Kit (real estate) Lambert … Mr. and Mrs. Earl Sunderville (about 1914); Kenneth (State Farm Bureau) and Betty Bullock, 1944; Ben (real estate agent and town supervisor) and Kit Boynton, 1959.

The Byway Area

30X — 2 The Byway

James Bush, Jr., 1970 (owner and landlord) … Probably Cradit; A. Hasbrouk; William J. Slocum, 1860; Clara Slocum Force, 1912; Anna Force and Albert Force.

31X — 4 The Byway

James (NY State Electric and Gas) and Beverly Bush, 1965 … Jacob Dyckman, 1821 (?); Sarah McKinney, 1890; Manley; Gamma Alpha; Margaret Mapes (housekeeper, widow of Brink Mapes), about 1939; Mr. and Mrs.Fell; Hargins.

32X — 6 The Byway

Joel and Christina (librarian, CU) Bostick … Waldorf, 1866; James Bush, Sr., 1895; James, Jr. and Beverly Bush, 1965.

33X — 8 The Byway

Davis (automobile dealer) and Marion Cutting, 1955. Jacob Price, about 1850; William Slocum, about 1881; Andrew and Sarah Lamoureux, 1906; Forest B. (Agricultural Engineering, CU) and Billie Wright, 1930.

34X — 12 The Byway

Agnetha Heckman (tenant: Tom Niederkorn, architect) … C.L. and W. G. Grant, 1841; various mill owners; Frederick Head; Andrew and Sarah Lamoureux, 1906; Miss Van Zandt, 1911; Eugene and Agnetha Heckman.

35X — 16 The Byway

Milton (Industrial and Labor Relations, CU) and Mary Konvitz,1967 … various mill owners; O. F. Cuffman, 1866: David and Charlotte Edwards, 1870; Frederick Head; Walter and Edith Stone, 1921.

36X — 120 The Byway

Robert (architect) and Betty Mueller, 1961 … Mills and Sarah McKinney, 1830; Richard and Almira Brown, 1877-1911; W. Kent; Dr. and Mrs. John Fisher, 1926; Carl E. (Dir. Agricultural Experiment Station, CU) and Hilda Guterman, about 1937; Carl E. and Mary Guterman, 1950.

37X — 9 and 11 The Byway

Merrill (Agway) and Roma Knapp, 1957 (tenants: Wm. (urban planning) and Margaret (children’s theater director) Goldsmith) … Dr. Barker 1830-56; Dr. Baker, 1866; David Edwards, 1884. Thomas and Agnes Underhill.

Forest Home Drive

38X — 130 Forest Home Drive (Forest Home Building)

Richard and Frances Ramin … Willard and Helen Kent, 1911; Miss Rose and Miss Van Rensselaer, 1915; Mr. and Mrs. William Muncey, 1935: Town of Ithaca, 1958-63; Thomas McKaig.

39X — 136 Forest Home Drive

Gracie Bush (tenant: Dorothy Chase) … Isaac Cradit, 1830; Aaron Mcintyre, 1841; Horace and Polly Hart, 1866; Jessie Manning, 1872; Brown family, 1877; LeRoy Brown, 1907; Willard and Helen Kent, 1911; Charles and Lorna Rawly; Harry and Gracie Bush, 1925.

40X — 140 Forest Home Drive

David (Botany, CU) and Jane Bates, 1973. Isaac Cradit, 1830; Mills McKinney (tenant ?); Brown family, 1877; LeRoy Brown, 1907; Willard and Helen Kent, 1911; Jennie Horton, 1914; Luther and Elsie Lucas, 1921; James MacDonald, 1929; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Baker; David and Jane Cowan (nursery school teacher), 1943.

41X — 145 Forest Home Drive

Anson Wright and Dorothy Gibson, 1920 … Alexander Cradit and other mill owners, including Mr. Bools and Mr. Saunders; Fred Calkins.

42X — 200 Forest Home Drive

Burnham and Jean Kelly, 1960 … Alfred and Mrs.Hasbrouk, 1850 (?); Cornell University; Gamma Alpha (tenant); Mr. Johnson, 1943; Donald (CU administration) and Helen Moyer, 1946.

43X — 206 Forest Home Drive

Amy Whetzel (daughter of Joseph and Gertrude Whetzel (tenant: Grace Cowan) … George Smith; Harrison and Lydia Hazen, 1870; ]. R. and G. S. Smith, 1870; Charles W. Cole, 1874; Charles ]. Rumsey, 1894; Frank Starkins, 1896; Jacob E. Bogardus, 1904; William A. Riley and Harry E. Smith, 1911; Joseph and Gertrude Whetzel, 1914.

44X — 208 Forest Home Drive

David (Agronomy, CU) and Cynthia Bouldin, 1964 … Francina and Nellie Drake, 1904; Frederick Cornish, 1925; Joseph (WHCU) and Patricia Short.

45X — 210 Forest Home Drive

David (CU Plantations) and Kathleen Stoller (nurse), 1973 … Judge Kent, 910; Lawrence (driver) and Sally (boarding house manager) Dunn, 1920; Hazel Dunn (Home Economics teacher, daughter of Lawrence and Sally Dunn). Also a garage apartment. Tenant for some years: Percy (Executive, Boy Scouts of America) and Clara Tailby Dunn.

46X — 214 Forest Home Drive

Isabel Peard (Education, CU), 1963 … Miles Cook, 1866; Amos Hart, 1900; Ruth Davis (teacher, Forest Home School) and son; Edmund and Mary Elizabeth Pincoffs, 1951; Wolfgang and Dorothee Fuchs, 1955.

47X — 216 Forest Home Drive

George (Agway) and Helen (Human Development, CU) Bayer, 1965 … Fletcher, 1866; Bantams; Miss Helen and Miss Sarah Knox (both teachers, Cascadilla School); Charles and Marion Henderson; Col. E. and Jean Sunderville; Lewis (Chamber of Commerce) and Thelma Elizabeth Warren, 1960.

48X — 220 Forest Home Drive

Robert (Industrial and Labor Relations, CU) and Judy (researcher, CU) Aronson, 1966 … William Van Valkenburg, about 1859; Fred Northrup, 1870; later Earl Northrup; Milton and Mary Konvitz.

49X — 215 Forest Home Drive

Ralph (designer, Morse Chain) and Julia (teacher) Westervelt, about 1920; C. Manning; Jutt Hunt; Fish; Mabel Cornelius.

50X — 217 Forest Home Drive

Cornell University, 1973 (tenants: Jack (Chinese Studies, CU) and Yuan-tsung (interpreter) Chen) … John Poppenwell, 1850; Eva Francis Miller (Poppenwell granddaughter); Francis E. Barker, 1912; Chattie Mattingly, 1922; Clara Browning (Clara Goodman’s grandmother), 1928; Dr. Ethel Little (Physician, CU).

51X — 222 Forest Home Drive

(Parsonage) Rev. John and Mrs. (interior decorator) Annas. (For list of former pastors see Chapter 3).

52X — 228 Forest Home Drive

C. B. Pond (son of Mr. and Mrs. Miles Pond) … Robb Hazen; D. Comfort, 1866; Miles (Civil Engineering, CU) and Mrs. Pond, 1907.

53X — 229 Forest Home Drive

Glen Palmer (CU employee) … Andrus and Gauntlett Paper Co., 1830; mitten knitting mill; Good Templars; Laura Slaght, 1903; Glenn and Ruth Palmer, 1926.

54X — 233 Forest Home Drive

Richard (accountant, Morse-Borg Warner) and Sue (case worker) Cotton, 1951 … Calnek; Thomas K. Southby, 1939.

55X — 235 Forest Home Drive

Pearl Miller (librarian, CU), 1960 . .. William (freehand drawing, CU) and Anna Baker, 1906-13; Clarence and Adda McCurdy; Jake Wilcox, 1927; Paul and Kathleen Dean, 1939; Murphy; Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Wimsatt; Winifred Black and Millicent Harmon; Christopher Lindsey, 1958. (some of these residents only tenants).

56X — 237 Forest Home Drive

C. J. (experimentalist, CU) and Lily Ann Mitchell Newbury … William and Anna C. Baker, 1902; Cora Mae Raleigh; Hugh D. D. (stone mason) and Alice Mitchell, 1920.

57X — 236 Forest Home Drive

William F. (Food Science, CU) and Marjorie Shipe, 1948 … Fred Cornish; Faber, 1931-34; Leslie and Isabel Bemont.

58X — 300 Forest Home Drive

Alan (Journalist/editor) and Julia (merchandising) Fletcher 1973 … Criddle family, 1837-1921 (tenants: Wilcox, 1870); Julia and George Van Order to 1927; W. T. Stevens (gas and oil business at 314 Forest Home drive); Edward (insurance) and Sally Riley.

59X — 304 Forest Home Drive

Helen Wiltberger (assistant, CU), 1966 … Floyd and Gladys Westervelt Andrews, 1927; Benjamin and Francoise Gebhart.

60X — 306 Forest Home Drive

William (N.Y. State Electric and Gas) and Kathleen Sprague, 1951 … Ortho L. Strong, 1929; Fink, 1943.

61X — 310-314 Forest Home Drive

Carl (Instr., Cortland College) and Helen (nurse) Sundell; Ernest Sundell, 1929.

62X — 316 Forest Home Drive-

Louis (bus driver, CU, son of R. and A. Pendleton) and Judy (secretary, CU), Pendleton.

63X — 320 Forest Home Drive

Pendleton family, 1963 … Hungerford, 1908; Harrison and Sarah Williams.

64X — 324 Forest Home Drive

Pendleton family … Hungerford, 1908; Claude and Miriam Pendleton, 1923.

65X — 326 Forest Home Drive

Richard (research tech., CU, son of C. and M. Pendleton) and Anne (administrative aide, Law, CU) Pendleton.

66X — 332 Forest Home Drive

Joseph (CU employee) and Isabelle Mitchell Thomas … William Mitchell, 1906.

67X and 68X — 336 and 340 Forest Home Drive

Carl (tool maker) and Elsie (travel consultant) Root … William Mitchell (stone mason), 1906.

Warren Road

69X — 108 Warren Road

William (contractor) and Aloma McElwee, 1969 … Dunn family; Alice (Molly) Briant (Food and Nutrition, CU), early 1950s.

70X — 110 Warren Road

Charlotte Young (Medical Nutrition, CU), 1959 … Dunn family; Jean Warren.

71X — 116 Warren Road

Paul (real estate) and Elizabeth (research assist. CU), Kiely, 1951 … Luella Northrup, 1936; Richard and Elizabeth Wheeler Crosby; Arthur and Peggy Smith, 1949; Gross; Kenneth and Janet Clark; Carl and Alice Benscoter.

72X — 120 Warren Road

Nicholas (Director, Computor Services, Morse Chain) and Carol Beeler … Philip and Mrs. Johnson, rented 1936; G. S. and Barbara Scott Little, 1943; J. W. and Carol Gavett, 1955; Lee and Howard Witt, 1962; William and Telka Beal, 1965; Arthur and Phylis Ravine, 1968.

73X — 122 Warren Road

Isadore (Industrial and Labor Relations, CU) and Mary (nurse) Blumen, 1951 … Glenn and Dorothy Salisbury, 1937-39; Hazel and Murray Beckerman, 1950.

74X — 127 Warren Road

John P. Hertel and Martha Hertel, 1949 … William and Elizabeth Chamberlain, 1832; David McKinney, 1849; Rachel Chamberlain, 1880; Eugene Preswick, 1886; Henry W. Preswick, 1894; Eugene H. Preswick (chemist), 1895 ; George F., Jr., and Mary Warren, 1907.

75X — 133 Warren Road

Jean Warren, 1954.

76X — 135 Warren Road

W. Lambert and Becky Brittain, 1954.

Halcyon Hill and Crest Lane

77X — 110 Halcyon Hill

Lee (Architecture, CU) and Laurel (Human Development, CU) Hodgden, 1965 … Samuel and Mrs. Boothroyd, 1913 O. F. and Mrs. Curtis, 1922-64.

78X — 101 Halcyon Hill

Edward (music, IC) and Dorothy Gobrecht, 1963 … Alfred E. Boicourt (foreman, Poultry Husbandry, CU), A. Wright Gibson, Jr., Hamptons.

79X — 104 Halcyon Hill

Jonathan (English, CU) and Allison (writer) Bishop, 1967 … Jacob Bogardus, 1910; Gustave and Mabel Heuser, 1920; Gustave and Mildred Heuser; David (Dir. Internal. Student Off., CU) and Lois Williams, 1957-64; Forrest and Dina Read, 1964-67.

80X — 108 Halcyon Hill

R. William (Astronomy, CU) and Charlotte (bookkeeper, CU) Shaw, 1958 … Hungerford; Mr. and Mrs. Roy Wiggans, 1924-58.

81X — 111 Halcyon Hill

Alfred and Alice Pridham.

82X — 115 Halcyon Hill

Mr. and Mrs. Max Barber, 1973 … Walter (carpenter) and Georgia Westervelt, 1927.

83X — 103 Crest Lane

John (Cooperative Extension, CU) and Mary (nursery school teacher, daughter of George and Mary Warren) Swan, 1958; Mary Warren, 1948.

84X — 111 Crest Lane

Gordon Scott (Physical Education, CU) and Barbara (Statistical Clerk) Little, 1955.

85X — 104 Crest Lane

Leon (Plant Pathology, CU) and Iphigenia Tyler … Leon and Trudy Tyler, 1951.

86X — 108 Crest Lane

Charles (Animal Science, CU) and Marion (dir. nursery school) Henderson, 1951.

87X — 112 Crest Lane

Eugene (Ecology, CU) and Kay Likens, 1968 … Paul and Lucy Hoff, 1951; Douglas (Animal Science, CU) and Debby Hogue, 1959.

88X — 116 Crest Lane

Daniel P. (environmental Engineering, CU) and Marjorie Loucks, 1973 … Jesse (Industrial and Labor Relations, CU) and Martha (Astronomy, CU) Carpenter, 1957; David (Dir. Libraries, CU) and Jane Kaser, 1968-73.

Chapter 1- The Early History of Free Hollow
Chapter 2 – Industry and Commerce in Forest Home
Chapter 3 – Free Hollow to Forest Home

© 1974 Liese Price Bronfenbrenner, reprinted with permission