Hello fellow Forest Home residents,

I am in charge of this Spring’s Cleanup Day, and have chosen Sat. May 19.
We can meet at the Forest Home Park at 9:00 AM. Herb and I will provide coffee, orange juice and baked goods. I’ll try to have some healthful choices along with the more decadent items.

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Our friends from the Forest Home Chapel would like to extend the following invitation:

Dear Neighbors, Forest Home Chapel will be open on Good Friday, March 29, for anyone who would appreciate some quiet, reflective time on this holy day.  The Chapel will also be celebrating an especially joyful Easter, April 1, at its 10AM service.  Please join us and know that ALL are welcome!

Kyllikki Inman passes on the following.

Forest Homers — There is a daytime fox who comes and eats shelled sunflower seeds and drinks from the birdbath in my yard.

Do Not Worry – she’s not rabid, she’s not aggressive at all, but also is not exceedingly frightened of people (she does run away, but not too far away).

Friday March 16, 6-8 p.m.
Forest Home Chapel.

All are welcome! Please join us even if you are too busy to bring something. We’ll provide a cheese board, ice cream, and apple cider (at least). No alcoholic beverages at the Chapel, please.

Those who are able to join us for this event will have a special opportunity to see a demo of the new FHIA website and provide feedback.

See you on the 16th!