Please save the date for the annual meeting of the Forest Home Improvement Association. As old-timers know, the annual meeting includes election of officers, reports from current officers, and, sometimes decisions on important issues facing the the neighborhood. Whether the meeting will be in-person at the Forest Home Chapel or virtual will depend on the virus situation closer to the date. Opinions on all the above welcome! Please contact Herb Engman directly at

Welcome to 2022. You may notice that the website looks different. Because of changes to the underlying software, we had to rebuild the site. We used the opportunity to make the site work better on mobile devices.

As far as we know, all the content has been restored, but we are still working on the format. If you see any problems, please send email to

Happy New Year to everybody in Forest Home.  Let us hope the the new year will allow FHIA to hold a full program of events, so that we can renew old friendships and greet newcomers to the neighborhood.

Meanwhile, here is a picture of winter in Forest Home.

Gorge in winter, near Lover’s Leap (Wendy Petti)

This is one of many fine photographs in the Fall and Winter section of the Pictures part of this website.  If you have recent photographs to add to the collection, please send them to

The Town of Ithaca has announced that vacuuming of leaf heaps is almost complete but will continue until the whole town has been visited once. This may run into Thanksgiving week. 

For the rest of the month of November, the crews will be picking up paper-bagged leaves starting each Monday, possibly extending through the week to encompass the entire Town. Use biodegradable paper leaf bags. Please fold over openings of bags to close; do not staple or tape. Place bags at edge of street.

Because of the uncertain weather forecast for the original date, the Forest Home Get-Together and BBQ has been moved to the rain date. It will be on Saturday, Sept. 21 at 3:00 pm in our Forest Home Park.

This year is significant because it commemorates the 225th year of Forest Home, which was founded in 1794. We will have a special cake and wholesome cupcakes for the children to decorate.

A new page has been added to the website about the Forest Home Historic District. It is under the menu item ‘Forest Home’ -> ‘Forest Home Historic District’. If you are interested in information about individual properties within the Historic District, follow the instructions at the bottom of the page.

Bill Goodman, Town Supervisor for the Town of Ithaca, has requested this meeting with the Forest Home community on issues related to the Department of Public Works. In particular, he has indicated that the condition of the stretch of Forest Home Drive between Judd Falls Road and McIntyre Place has deteriorated further following the recent snowstorm. The idea of closing that section of road to vehicles has surfaced again.

The meeting will be at the Forest Home Chapel on December 5, 7:30-9pm

This meeting also offers an opportunity for updates and/or discussions on other Public Works issues related to roads and pedestrian sidewalks/walkways.

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Please join us on October 22 from 7:30 to 9:00 p.m. at the Forest Home Chapel for our annual meeting.  The tentative agenda includes these items:

  • FHIA Treasurer’s Report,
  • FHIA Speakers Series,
  • FHIA Holiday Party,
  • Town of Ithaca short term rental policies,
  • Cornell’s North Campus Dormitory Project,
  • Election of FHIA officers.

Please let us know if there is anything else you would like to discuss at the meeting.  We will publish an updated agenda along with more information about the officer candidates next week.